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    • Huawei MA5608T·Original Huawei MA5608TGPON/ EPON OLT/DC power,2 MCUD included
      ·GPON or PON OLT equipment
      ·19 inch mini
    • HUAWEI MA5683T ·2015 Brand new 19inch GPON/EPON OLT with 7 Boards SCUN, PRTE, GICF, GPBD Board
    • Huawei MA5680T·Original and New Brand 19 inch MA5680T OLT , Support GPON and EPON,Made in 2015
    • Huawei HG8310M ·Single port GPON GE ethernet terminal FTTH ONU
    • Huawei HG8245·original Huawei Echolife HG8245 Gpon Terminal,wireless ONU of 802.11n,with 4 ethernet and 2 voice ports,English setup interfaceT

    • Haiwei HG8245A·English version, Huawei HG8245 A wireless Gpon TerminalHG8245A ONU, 4 ethernet and 2 voice ports, H.248 & SIP double protocol
    • Huawei HG8245H·Huawei wireless Gpon TerminalHG8245H, class C+ ONU, 4 GE LAN and 2 voice ports, with BBU and USB port, English version
    • Huawei HG8247·Huawei GPON Terminal ONU ONT HG8247 GPON with 2 POTS,4 FE, 1USB,1CATV,Wi-Fi
      · GPON technology